How can you easily sync hardware and software?

You have a load and you want to use it for 20 minutes now let’s just say you don’t have any hardware at your home or your office what would you do in this case you would go to your shop you would purchase all the hardware and get it all set up uh find a person to install everything for you or all the software and eventually find a person to maintain all of that as well right but with cloud computing it’s a few clicks of your mouse and guess what the initial investment that you have made for an entire computer which you will probably need only for 20 minutes and later it might just be used for something else but in the case of cloud computing.

You’re only allocated that computer for that amount of time and you only get to pay for that much right that is a fraction of the cost of what it would actually cost to buy an entire computer now similarly just enlarge this idea thousand times or a million times and you would understand how much money you would actually save doing this is not just money it’s a lot of headache running a lot of servers because at the end of the day it’s not just buying these servers it’s about maintaining them it’s its servers right it will tend to go bad uh it’ll have a lot of hard disks and hard disks go corrupt sometimes and it’s not just that you’ll be paying electricity bills you have to make sure uh the energy compliant with your fire has that standards and at the end of the day you have to also cool it enough such that uh you know it doesn’t melt or doesn’t burn up or something like that right so all of this headache will eventually cost the company more time and more money but if you can offload all of this to say hey I want someone else to take care of this I don’t want to be bothered by any of these I will spend my time I will spend my vital time actually working on my application that is important and that is one of the reasons why cloud computing is so popular in today’s world right now uh after that you might be asking a question saying hey Ahumadaokay that’s fantastic but how does this domain work.

How does the domain of cloud computing actually work now when you take a look at understanding cloud computing you’ll have to basically divide it into two divisions right one is the front end the other one is the back end now when you say front end and back end right now whenever you’re watching this video you basically are looking at the front end side of things right front end is where you have a user interface through which you can directly access a video that is stored again in a server which can be right next to you or which can be thousands and thousands of miles away from you right but it is giving you feel as though you’ve plugged in ananUSBinto your computer right now when you’re watching the video right but it’s only the front end that is making sure that you have this user experience while the actual data gets stored elsewhere and all the things that are needed for the communication between your front-end and back-end are also important and present.

Front-end is sucsignificantrtant concept for cloud computing because at the end of the day user experience is what matters a lot for all of us uh even in the most mundane tasks that we do the right thing about social media way back in the day when Facebook came out uh when its first version went viral went public and everyone was switching from out to Facebook uh you would realize that it was nothing fancy it was it was amazing it was going good but compare that interface to today’s Facebook interface right a million things have changed of course some of you can argue that a couple of things were better than a couple of things are better now all of that is a separate discussion but the user experience you get even from uh social media applications will want you to spend more time there it will want you to explore a lot more cloud computing is very critical in this aspect.

You will have a variety of developers variety of users clients everyone who may or may not have used the cloud computing platform ever in their lives before right so considering everything the goal of a cloud computing platform is to ensure you have a great front end not only to use the platform but at the end of the day when you are creating applications and deploying them on the platforms those also get to have very good front ends right so front end regardless of where it is web development data science cloud computing no matter what domain you look at one thing you have to understand is that it is super critical coming to the back end back end is where again all your data is stored it is literally like the heart of uh you know heart of cloud computing wherein everything that’s necessary for it to work is right there right so let’s quickly explore front end and back and a little as I just told you front end is what actually helps the users have access to all the data that gets stored right now the data is stored in the backend the actual data is in the back end but it gives you a feel as though you’re directly connected to the backend in many cases uh you directly are right uh the content does not just give you a user interface but it has a direct impact on your user experience as well.

Understanding that what you see uh is not exactly how a server would work it’ll take a lot of programming a lot of database knowledge and everything to get it run and set up and all of that but at the end of the day, you wouldn’t want everyone to do that right if you just have a back end running separate all the complex procedures gives the user a good front end to work with that is a win-win situation think about it right now when that is done the next thing that comes into the picture is the actual back-end as i just told you is where all the data gets stored where all the servers are there where everything needed to run these servers power cooling whatever it is right, so the back end is little you might have seen videos of these data centers and all of that right.

If you haven’t I i really suggest you head to YouTube and check them out uh all these giant such as google uh Amazon even phrasebook for that matter all these guys who generate a lot of data and have to handle a lot of data they have data centers which have so much security and you you’ll understand the amount of care that goes in uh while you actually take your data to a provider and say hey I want to take i’m going to your platform or something like that right so uh if if there’s this very simple operation of you actually analyzing data to create some beautiful looking graphs or something a beautiful division between the front and back end is basically you actually showing the graph is on the front end right maybe you’re in a meeting you just want to show the graph and say hey these are the data points i used to get to this graph that is the front end but all the data that is required all the analysis that goes into the data and the actual creation of the graph where do you think all of this happens right so all of this happens in the back end and it is very important for you to analyze this okay that’s good.

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