How can you get the Front end and back end so easily?

We discussed the front end we discussed the back end but how do you get the front end of the back end to talk is it as simple as just running a couple of wires or something not really so basically we have a software in fact we have multiple pieces of software called as middlewares no middleware is nothing but a platform that acts as a bridge between two or more applications or two or more devices right now whenever you are using the front end to connect to the back end again as I just told you it’s not a simple connector for wire or something this sits as a bridge to ensure that at the end of the day you have one server where you can have multiple clients connect to it in fact at the same time right that’s how the world works uh so this software which access that bridge this software which acts as a connector through which you can have access to these servers services or anything as such is very important for you to understand getting your front end widely to talk to the backend and any request that is basically made by your front end when your front end says hey the user clicked this button now I want that task to happen your front end will tell that to the back and your backend is like okay if that’s a valid task.

I’ll do it for you and I’ll show you the result on the front end again right these operations now a very simple click of you guys entering your email ID password and hitting login button maybe on your Gmail or something right when you hit login it’s a front-end application that you’re basically trying to use but as soon as you log in it has to go to the servers check if your username is correct check if you have entered your correct password and all of that and eventually come back to tell you if everything was correct and if everything was correct you log in if everything wasn’t you don’t get to log in right so that is something which is important for you guys to understand after you’ve discussed all of this you’ll be very curious to understand what are some of the types of cloud deployments that we have in today’s world well to answer the question we have four very important types of cloud deployment today uh it’s the public cloud the private cloud the hybrid cloud and the community cloud.

Now even without uh you know presuming that you might have never uh had any experience with cloud computing as soon as you take a look at that don’t you think you can guess what it might do what a public cloud is what a private cloud is or a hybrid cloud or something just think of your favorite uh café or something right if someone says hey this is a public café it means that anyone can walk in anyone can have an uh you know have a coffee there and walk out but if someone says hey this is a café but it’s only private it’s only meant for the employees of this particular building or tower or something like that there you must have some sort of access or authorization to actually get into that right similarly the cloud works uh there as well but when you say hybrid people say that hey uh so maybe not outsider outsiders cannot walk into this particular café but but maybe the people who stay in uh these these these apartments can walk into this café and have a coffee and go right thing about that that’s hybrid.

People outside uh possibly just one apartment building are still coming and you have multiple apartment buildings you’re saying if you’re part of this and this you can actually it almost seems like it’s private but when we actually explain the concept of hybrid you’ll have a better understanding and then it’s the community cloud right uh let’s actually get right into the heart of these to talk about what each of these means because in the context itself I’m sure you will have a better idea of what they are right now to talk to you about the public cloud is a super popular form of cloud deployment now the infrastructure right thing about uh think about the examples on the lines of aws basically Amazon Web Services Microsoft Azure and even the Google cloud platform these are public clouds as in.

If you can uh if you can log into their platforms anyone across the world can actually start using the uh features provided by this provider right uh the infrastructure is provided for all and uh you know it can be shared among all the customers as well so it doesn’t mean that if there are seven billion people using cloud computing it doesn’t mean that there are seven billion servers out there could be just a handful of servers which have the capability to handle this huge amounts of load and all of that right, soot here can be cases wherein the case of the public cloud where uh you know there’s a team who’s working on software development or there’s a team developing a couple of projects which will require collaboration not just within the organization but maybe on the outside as well.

Having public cloud again has its own advantages and disadvantages but in today’s world having the access to say hey this is not a research topic this is not something which is uh you know classified or something like that right people have access to it you and me as absolute individuals can in fact launch an entire company if you want to on the cloud computing platform and you have the facility to do that you have to thank public cloud such as aws azure handgrip and of course there’s a lot of other people as well but you have to thank them for this uh you know ability right so the advantage the biggest advantage of public cloud in my opinion is the fact that you have the pay as you go model regardless of any type of cloud in my opinion having the access to pay as you go model is something that’s going to save a lot of effort a lot of time a lot of resources for the company right thing about it why should you have to pay for something in full knowing very well that you might be only using it for a short amount of time think about the pc example that I gave you right.

Let’s just say you’re into video editing or something you require a very powerful machine right now uh to use it and you’ll know that hey I’ll only use it for one day one week or one month or something like that and after that it’s your heavy initial investment and you know that I might not be able to use this any more right because maybe your project ended or something like that in that case what you would do is you jump onto the cloud computing platform use they have a ton of all these cloud computing platforms in today’s world have a ton of like really really lightning fast computers out there depending on what uh you know you know what level of speed you require how many clients will access your application what is the amount of resources you require you can map each and every single thing and just pick up that and just pay for the amount that you would have used right if you uh you know just use something for one hour or two hours or something you would only pay for that now with this comes another huge advantage one you’re of course saving a ton of money but the second thing you also have to look at is that you’ll be creating highly scalable systems right today you have an application which 10 people are using tomorrow it.

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