What can you do in the world of cloud computing?

We are trying to solve with the world of cloud computing what can we do in today’s world of cloud computing and once you start answering all of these questions you yourself will be very curious to say hey so why do we even require cloud computing right what are we trying to solve and what does it do really well we’re going to answer all of that and once we’re clear with that we’re going to take a look at the types of cloud deployment now types of cloud deployment is very, very important right on the lines of public clouds private clouds hybrid clouds community clouds and a lot more so you need to have the understanding to see in uh you know what type of deployment works well for whom right so we’re going to be answering all those questions.

After that we’re going to be diving right into understanding the variety of services we have in today’s world this includes infrastructure as a service platform as a service and of course, uh you know the course that you guys are here for which is a software as a service right so we’re going to be taking a look at all of that now as soon as you understand these varieties and I’ll give you like wonderful examples to ensure that you remember these services how they work for a really long time after this we can also take a look at the introduction to SAS right this is where we focus our learning on SAS and we’ll make sure to understand not only just how it works but at the end of the day how best can you use it what are some of its advantages and non-disadvantages concerning SAS it’s extremely powerful but it brings its own set of risks and challenges that you also have to know about right so we’re going to be discussing all of that and at the end of the day.

Since we’re talking about cloud computing uh pricing is usually the biggest factor right not just in models but with respect to providers platforms and a lot more so we’re also going to be taking a quick look at understanding what kind of pricing policies are super popular today for SAS right well with that we can begin with the first item on the agenda which is introduction to cloud computing we can actually get started with what is cloud computing now whenever you think about cloud computing the most important thing that would come into your mind the first thing that would pop up in your head is probably something an operation as simple as backing up your photos to your Google Drive or something like that right back in the day when cloud computing started out this was actually the case uh you know when users started using it when it was when it was started to put to commercial purposes uh at the end of the day it is given very little room very little freedom for what the end user could do.

Today if you take a look at cloud computing you can back up your photos you can have entire companies run Fortune 500 companies and companies worth trillions of dollars you can have the infrastructure the entire setup on cloud computing platforms and run your companies directly from their right so what is cloud computing if it’s this powerful well cloud computing is basically a concept of wherein you will have servers you will have a lot of physical infrastructure all around the world through which you provide services right now when I say services you might have heard of this concept where you might be backing up a couple of things to your office server right your office server is nothing but an entity that is sitting on premise that is sitting right next to you in the server room in the same building same city or something like that right in the case of cloud computing what happens is that there are servers similar to that but it is uh it is exponentially more powerful and can handle way more number of clients and it is strategically located everywhere around the world such that uh you know with someone in the US has a requirement they have a server there to provide for that uh someone less’s just say Egypt has a requirement they will have a server nearby there to make sure uh that you know you they can have access to any sort of servicerrrightsssht uh you can build and deploy machine learning algorithms you can have a variety of storage you can perform real-time computational analysis and you can do a lot more with today’s world of cloud computing.

Back then it was just backing things up it was just ensuring that you were using a server to basically have an extra point of storage a redundancy in case something fails but today uh you know having an on-premise server is for that purpose right so having an on-premise server is meant as a backup while uh having your entire company work on the on the cloud platforms like aws azurGGGCPgcp is the trend you would have seen this entire trend reversed because what those guys are doing the services the tools the techniques they’re offering to their platforms uh Avery, veryyvery competitive price in today’s world and what is what makes uh these companies actually go on to prefer that right so at the end of the day our discussion should be why should we even require cloud computing in today’s world the first thing you have to understand is that uh we generate a lot of data in today’s world righIIIoIIi just made that found just snapped my fingers by the time you actually heard the snap uh we would have generated terabytes worth of data hundreds and hundreds of terabytes worth of data by the second you heard that sound now when the world is generating so much data and the world has also realized that data is almost like fuel.

You can use it and you can drive so many things with it back then probably 15 20 years back when we generated a lot of data it was archived and maybe it was destroyed later on but these days people realize that even something which is uh which might have a small impact on your business if analyzed to a good amount of depth has a profound impact right so considering that data is transforming the way we work and of course in today’s world the uh the way we work with the data itself is transforming in a way where we’re generating so much right so having the ability to move entire companies and work from the cloud having access to their extremely fast data storage methodologies and super powerful processing machines are what will give you an edge over your competition right thing about it.

It’s not just this back in the day we were limited to the number of services that you could access via these cloud computing platforms but today you can I I just want to say this you can do almost everything right 99.9 of what you would do on an on-premise network you can do it on the cloud sometimes it is considered to be even safer, even more, uh robust and at the end of the day the rate at which it might fail or it might uh you know because issues are coming down with every single day right but the biggest advantage of why people are considering cloud computing to be very honest with you is the last point there the pay as you go policies right now pay as you go as a concept as in you will only pay for water test that you’re using let’s just say you have a requirement wherein you require a virtual machine for 20 minutes to operate on a certain load.

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