Which cloud is best for your brand?

Your company just went viral and there are millions of people flocking towards your brand when that is the case your servers if it was probably in-house or on-premise or something like that you would have to go out to buy new servers up upgrade all your network modules and all of that because you wouldn’t be able to handle that amount of traffic but with respect to these platforms you can never overwhelm these platforms right no matter how much traffic you bring in the platform has more to offer right it’s almost like an infinite funnel and it will keep providing the resources that you would require that is how big uh today’s world of cloud computing is but with respect to cloud computing uh in terms of public cloud you have to understand one thing is that if you are looking for complete control end-to-end control of your product your application and your platform it is not possible because if you are if you have deployed your company on aws you have deployed an application on azure or something how azure works and there’s a very good chance that someone or two servers might go down there as well.

That control you will not have and that is an important thing uh which you should know about with that we can discuss the private cloud because the private cloud uh these have been in use for a long time right now because uh whenever you think about certain companies running their servers running their farms uh through which they have a ton of servers and people of that organization only access to those servers right, so these are private clouds and these have been used for a long time as you could guess right now and they are uselessly by only one organization right uh but of course, since it’s connected to the internet.

If you’re an employee of so-and-so organization you can sit at the end of the world at the other end of the world basically and still connect to it with your email ID password or any other authentication protocol that they have right with respect to a private cloud uh one thing is that you’re not sharing your resources with anyone else with respect to public cloud that happens right one server can be used by three or four companies out there with respect to private cloud it’s only your employees your officials who are using that and it is completely owned by the company themselves right so you are responsible for just buying the infrastructure maintaining it ensuring it runs well and at the end of the day everything that is required to keep those servers up and running is at the company’s end now with this there comes certain advantages and there are certain disadvantages the advantage is of course the fact that uh if you’re a person who says hey my data uh the security for my data is the highest priority this data uh is uh, uh you know it’s classified I don’t want anyone else apart from the people in my organization to see it and I don’t want to be sharing servers and storing this in public domain in that case you can actually have a private cloud setup wherein people only with respect to your organization will have access to that right.

You can inside the organization also you can say hey people with l5 access l4 access level 4 basically have access to this and anyone below l4 will not have access and they cannot work with these servers right so that is critical for you to understand outside the organization you can block all traffic inside the organization based on authentication again you can still do that but one disadvantage here is for the fact that you lose that versatility that you have with respect to public cloud right and uh the most important thing you lose is the scalability factor as I just told you if you have on-premise servers and private clouds running uh today you have thousand people tomorrow you have three million people your servers will crash because they were never meant to handle three million people but if you initially spent out a ton of money to say hey I know I might get 3 million people so let me just buy it all right now again it would have cost you a huge amount of money to buy that and at the end of the day after 3 million maybe you can hit 10 million as well right and the remaining traffic cannot be handled there again your scalability has taken a huge hit with respect to public cloud this problem is also solved.

If that extra security if security is your number one priority and you say I don’t care about anything else security is what I want private cloud is something you should look forward to right superb with this we can take a look at the hybrid cloud is considered to be the latest standard in cloud computing I’ll tell you this because the hybrid cloud is nothing but a combination of public clouds and private clouds right now certain companies say hey we have certain information which we don’t want to put on the public cloud we will have our private cloud sitting at our office where we will have all of these extremely critical information bits which we won’t share to the public cloud which we will have across the organization and we also want to make use of certain perks that you’re providing as a public cloud platform and maybe have a front end there trying to do something where your server talks to those servers and all of that.

If a company comes with the requirements such as this uh you can use a hybrid cloud wherein both your on-premise private cloud and the public cloud can work for hand in hand right but concerning private cloud as you already know it uh it cannot grow up to the demand it cannot meet certain demands as much as a public cloud platform would do but what the advantage of hybrid cloud is that you can use all of these capabilities that public cloud is known for scalability is the most important thing right you can use that amount of scalability and say hey if there’s any heavy lifting to do and if I know that my private cloud cannot handle any of these great I’m gonna just move all of these heavy lifting tasks to the public cloud and again with a couple of mouse buttons you can uh you can have any sort of power any sort of resources in your hand to solve.

Whatever it is your application requires and be done with it correctly does that make sense to you guys because the hybrid cloud is considered as the future and around you, almost any company that you can name will be using some sort of hybrid cloud no one usually goes completely private or no one usually goes completely public and knowing that hey there are certain advantages of both the domains that I would want to use why do you think people will pass up on an opportunity such as that right that’s super important for you to know now that we took a look at hybrid cloud what it is and what it does I think it’s its high time we quickly take a look at some of its advantages and disadvantages right now scalability and security are something which defers the public cloud from a private cloud and we bring those two together right you can have the scalability of a public cloud you can have the security of a private cloud and you can bring those two together.

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